Obama Is Admitting Syrian Refugees -- But Where Have They Been Placed? (Map)

President Barack Obama announced recently that the United States would officially award refugee status to 70,000 Syrians per year. A new map shows the spread of those refugees throughout the country.

While refugees have been placed across the country, some states have taken in more than others. The map (shown below), compiled by the U.S. Office of Refuge Resettlement and published by the Washington Post, shows the spread of the refugees over the course of 2013 and 2014.

It appears that North and South Dakota have settled the most refugees, while Southern states have settled the fewest.

According to the data, there have been more arrivals from Burma than anywhere else in the past three years. There were 47,431 refugees from Burma, 41,038 from Iran, and 39,203 from Bhutan.

A refugee is a person who applies for protected status while outside the borders of the country, then receives official approval to enter the country. This graph does not include asylum-seekers, which are refugees who have applied to remain in the country permanently.

Since the announcement, another 10,000 Syrians have been allowed into the country. 

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Sources: LJ Review, The Federalist Papers

Photo Credit: U.S. Office of Refugee Resettlement, Newsweek


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