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Homemade Quilt New Clue In Australia 'Child In Suitcase' Case

Police are hoping a homemade quilt will bring them closer to identifying a little girl whose remains were found in a suitcase in South Australia.

The suitcase was discovered about two weeks ago by a passerby near the small town of Wynarka, Yahoo! News reported. Inside, were the skeletal remains of a girl Australian police believe may have been murdered up to eight years ago.

Police are now working to identify the girl and are searching for a man, around 60 years old, who was seen carrying a dark suitcase in the area some weeks ago, Detective Des Bray said.

The girl is believed to have been somewhere between 2 and a half and 4 years old at the time of her death. She had fair hair and authorities believe she may have died up to eight years ago given the clothing found in the suitcase.

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Police found a black tutu, a pink shoe, a “Dora the Explorer” purple top, and red shorts in the suitcase. But out of all the items found, a few homemade quilts has them hopeful that they can finally identify the body.

"Someone loved that little girl and either made her, or gave her, that quilt,” Bray told the Sydney Morning Herald. “I would appeal for whoever loved her to get in touch with us.”

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So far, 25 children who were suspected as potential victims have been eliminated from the investigation. Police have also contacted all missing persons units and homicide squads across the country to no avail.

"We want people to think back into the past, back to 2007 and the years in between, think about little girls like this -- who lived near them, played near them, they may be related to -- and think about where those children are now," Bray said.

Police are still asking the man seen a few weeks ago carrying a similar suitcase to come forward.

Sources: Yahoo! News, Sydney Morning Herald

Photo Credit: South Australian Police via Sydney Morning Herald


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