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New Dating TV Show: 'Game Of Clones' (Video)

A new dating reality TV show, set to debut Feb. 27 on the UK's channel E4, will feature one contestant who spends eight days with seven "clones" who look exactly like the contestant's description of a perfect mate (video below).

"Game of Clones" allows contestants to pre-select the gender, race, height, weight, breast size, hair length, eye color and other specifics of their dates, reports the Guardian.

Each episode begins with the picky contestants building the profile of their perfect mate, which the producers will match eight times.

These close-to-identical clones are dressed alike to win the affections of the contestant, who is surprised and stunned when he or she steps into a room and sees eight men or women of their dreams.

The contestants are charged with eliminating seven copies of their perfect mate, the challenge of which is supposed to demonstrate how important the inner person is.

In a preview clip, a woman is confronted with eight mixed-race men who are all dressed in the same outfits with baseball caps, while a male contestant walks into a room of blondes all wearing the same red dress.

However, the Guardian says that, once the show's clone gimmick wears off, "the series loses confidence and retreats back to the comfort of tired old dating show conventions."

The contestants live with their clones for seven days, notes TellyMix. Each day/episode the clones and the contestant go on a group date picked out by the contestant. The dates reportedly include activities such as wine tasting, a Bollywood show, and tattoo designing. The clones all work to prove they are the best match for the contestant.

The favored clones get to spend some alone time with the contestant in the Love Mobile, but the unlucky clones risk a trip to the Dumping Room where one of them is eliminated at the end of each day/episode.

Sources: Guardian, TellyMix / Photo Credit: Channel 4/The Guardian 

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