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New Airplane Design Would Seat Passengers In Windowless Cargo Area

Zodiac Aerospace, an aircraft equipment maker in France, recently filed a patent for a new airline design that would place some passengers in a windowless cargo area.

The seating area is called the "Lower Deck Cabin Experience" and is intended to make "what has traditionally been a cargo area of a passenger aircraft to be used as a lower deck cabin," according to the patent application, which was obtained by the Australian Business Traveler.

These passengers would not have overhead bins for their luggage, but would pack their belongings into bins located in the sidewalls and "cubbies." These lucky folks would also get their airline food from vending machines.

To make up for the lack of windows in the cabin, the company plans to install video screens of the real world outside. The economy passengers would also be able to check out the living world via an app on their smartphones, laptops and tablets, reports The Telegraph.

The travelers would be spared the noise of the plane thanks to a thick wall made of “insulation type material,” according to the patent.

There would also be a staircase at both ends that will allow for the “boarding, de-boarding and enhanced flow in the event of an unplanned evacuation."

This lower deck might also be turned into an exclusive lounge, bar or other private area for folks traveling first or business class.

It remains unclear where people's checked baggage would go if this cargo area is used for passengers.

Sources: Australian Business TravelerThe Telegraph / Image Credit: Zodiac Aerospace Media Handout

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