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New Airline To Fly Refugees From Middle East To Europe

A new airline, Refugee Air, is planning to fly migrants from refugee camps in the Middle East to Europe.

Swedish entrepreneurs Emad Zand and Susanne Najafi started the airline to spare asylum-seeking refugees from the dangerous journey across the Mediterranean Sea via small boats, notes

"When private companies are competing to send people to the moon, we must also be able to do something to save people in distress," Zand told the Swedish television program "Gomorron Sverige."

Other airlines are reportedly refusing to transport refugees to Europe because if the refugees are denied asylum, the airlines have to transport them back.

Refugee Air plans to check the refugees' statuses before flying them.

"We will select passengers in cooperation with local relief organizations," Zand said. "We are trying to close a gap that already exists. All agree that it is a bad solution to let children die in boats on the way here."

The Refugee Air website states: "With backing from both private and corporate donors, Refugee Air plans to either charter airplanes or work with existing airlines to enable refugees to safely travel from areas of unrest to safety in the [European Union]."

Sources:, / Photo Credit: Sveriges Television Screenshot


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