Vigilantes Vow To Protect Women From Muslims, Migrants (Video)


A group of vigilantes, who call themselves the Soldiers of Odin, reportedly go on "migrant patrols" at night in Kemi, Finland, to protect women and children (video below).

"The government screwed things up so bad, and we are the consequence," Jani, a 27-year-old leader in the group, told the Daily Mail.

"Politicians are allowing migrants to rape our women, and they are doing nothing about it," Jani added. "There will be a war on the streets, and we are ready to fight."

According to the Daily Mail, the group members are working class men who have normal jobs and are unemployed; nearly all have criminal records.

The Odins were founded in September 2015 by Mika Ranta, a self-identified neo-Nazi.

"We woke up to a situation where many different cultures met," Ranta told the Finnish newspaper Aamulehti, according to "It caused fear and concern in the community. We started to gather a bunch of people. The biggest issue was when we learned from Facebook that new asylum seekers were peering through the gates of primary schools, looking at young girls."

Many people in Finland reportedly see the Odins as criminals, neo-Nazis and just plain intimidating, according to the Daily Mail.

Several of the Odins told the Daily Mail that the Nazis were "not all bad" and had "good points." Some expressed their white supremacist and anti-Muslim views.

"White people will not let Muslims destroy their culture," Juha-Matti Kinnunen, a 27-year-old member of the group, said.

"If things carry on like this, ethnic cleansing will be necessary," Kinnunen added. "Christianity and Islam have been at war for hundreds of years, and it won’t stop until one side prevails. We will fight to defend our culture, lands and people."

Seppo Korhonen, Deputy Police Chief of Eastern Finland, said, "The police don’t need them and the citizens don't want them."

"They have nothing else in life," Korhonen added. "In a way, I feel sorry for them, but most of them are violent criminals, and if this goes on it is likely to explode."

Odin member Lari Kuosmanen countered, "The cops say they hate us, but on the street they often give us the thumbs-up."

Some of them would probably join us if they could," Kuosmanen, 26, added.

The Odins say they have members throughout Europe and the U.S.

Sources: Daily Mail, / Photo Credit: Daily Mail via YouTube

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