Hotel Guests Slept On Mattress Hiding Corpse Underneath

Visitors could never have guessed they were sharing their hotel room with an additional guest: a transgender woman's corpse.

Two Thailand hotel guests had just spent the night sleeping on the mattress when a hotel worker would later stumble on the dead body, belonging to 28-year-old Amphon Kongsong, the Daily Mail reports.

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"The hotel's cleaner found a very strong smell in the room and tried to find the source," Pattaya police chief Col Apichai Kropphet said to the BBC. "Then the hotel staff searched the room and found the body under the mattress."

Shortly after, on August 21, police arrested two teenage boys, ages 14 and 17, for Kongsong's death.

The teenagers, who already have a record of crimes related to assault, allegedly told the police the 17-year-old and Kongsong befriended each other through Facebook, the Bangkok Post reports.

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Reportedly, the 17-year-old met up with Kongsong after she said she would help him find a job.

When the teenager rejected Kongsong's sexual advances, a fight broke out.

With the help of his 14-year-old friend, he allegedly strangled Kongsong to death, leaving her corpse in the hotel room.

The incident bears similarities to the Tennessee murder of Somy Millbrook, whom authorities found dead underneath a motel room's mattress six weeks after she died, WMC reports.

Her boyfriend, Lakeith Moody, was charged with killing her but not before five people slept on that same mattress, unaware of the corpse lying underneath.

"[It's] just a shock because I'm like, okay, I done laid on top of this woman's body," said an unidentified individual who rented the room and slept on that same mattress. "This is somebody's daughter, somebody's mom."

Hotel workers recall the day the alleged murder of the mother of four occurred in January 2010.

"On the first night that they actually checked into the hotel room there was an incident where we had to go out to the room because they were loud and arguing," said Christina Crim, the motel's night clerk.

It was only when Millbrook failed to pick up her children from school on Jan. 27, 2010 that she was reported missing and the search began.

Sources: Daily Mail, Bangkok Post, BBCWMC-TV / Photo credit: TraffickCam via St. Louis Post-Dispatch

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