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Mysterious Flashes Of Light Illuminate Russian Sky (Video)

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Residents of a southern Russia town were startled when giant, unexplained flashes of light began occurring in the night sky.

The most recent incident, on March 17, took place just after midnight and was captured on video. The video shows a massive flash of blue and white light appear for a few seconds before dissipating. “The soundless flash of light scared several people, as it made some streetlights in the city go out, while being accompanied by the flickering of lights inside apartments and houses,” Russia Today reported.

Experts said they believe that the event wasn’t caused by a meteor or lightening. Rather, it was likely caused by a human action.

“It wasn't a meteorological event. There wasn't a storm,” Stavropol Meteorological Center analyst Natalya Kimenko said. “More likely, it is something made by a human being."

Theories as to what caused the random flash of light began spreading after the incident, with UFO enthusiasts even claiming that aliens were “photographing the city.”

Despite some wild claims, meteorologist Yuri Varakin told ABC News that the most likely cause for the mysterious light was a high-powered projector lamp used by airports to “measure the height of the clouds.” The light is used where there is a heavy cloud, which causes a “widespread illumination.” According to Varakin, such projector devices are no longer used in the U.S. and Europe.

The incident earlier this month follows a similar event on Nov. 14, 2014, when a burst of light appeared in the sky and could be seen for miles over much of Russia.

Sources: Huffington Post, ABC News, YouTube / Photo Credit:


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