Mummified Creature Found In Peru Stirs Curiosity, Doubt (Video)


Documentary makers from Colorado believe they have discovered an alien-like mummy taken from the caves of Nazca, Peru (video below).

Filmmakers from Gaia.com traveled to Peru to investigate what they believed to be the mummified remains of a nonhuman species. The creature has three elongated fingers on each hand, as well as three peculiarly long toes. It has ear holes rather than traditional ears on an abnormally extended skull.

The Gaia.com researchers claimed they took samples of the mummified creature and sent them in for testing to determine its age. They found the samples to date between 245 AD and 410 AD, although the findings have not been independently verified by another source.

Researchers also did a CAT scan of the mummy to analyze the bone structure of the creature. A radiologist operating the CAT scan said that while it is possible the mummy's fingers and toes were intentionally disfigured to give it the appearance of something otherworldly, it was an unlikely scenario.

The researchers also bolstered their claim through findings in the petroglyphs of the Peruvian mountains. In these petroglyphs, researchers claimed they found drawings of a "humanoid figure" depicted with three fingers, much like the mummy.

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Not everyone believes the story.

Nigel Watson, a self-described "UFO expert," told the Daily Mail he disputes the validity of the mummified figure.

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"I'm no expert on ancient mummified bodies but they tend to be more leatherish looking," Watson said. "This seems to be a plaster cast over a bone structure with three fingers attached to the hands."

Watson was also critical of the researchers involved with the finding, particularly Jaime Maussan. Maussan has a reputation for his extraterrestrial findings that are based on thin evidence, Watson says.

"Such hoaxes are the product of wishful thinking mixed with greed and a lust for publicity," said Watson. "The more exotic the claim the more viewers they generate, and so we get ever more bizarre 'revelations' about alien corpses, flying saucer wreckage and messages from our alien masters."

"He [Maussan] has cried wolf too often to be ever taken seriously by anyone with at least one functioning brain cell," Watson said, recalling an incident in which Maussan charged visitors $20 to view slides of what he claimed was evidence of an extraterrestrial being. Maussan touted the project as "thoroughly researched," says Watson, but the slides turned out to be pictures of a mummy from a local museum.

Sources: Daily Mail, Gaia.com/YouTube / Photo credit: Paul Hudson/Flickr, Gaia via Daily Mail

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