Muslim Mayor Says Muslims Should Leave Holland If They Don’t Like the Culture

Rotterdam, Holland, Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb believes Muslims should leave Holland if they are unwilling to accept Western culture.

Aboutaleb is a practicing Muslim. He moved from Morocco to the Netherlands with his family when he was a teenager, according to the Inquisitor. He was elected Mayor of Rotterdam in 2010.

Mayor Aboutaleb explained the importance of tolerance and the meaning of Dutch citizenship in an interview with CNN:

“You know, the Dutch constitution but also the Dutch society is constructed in very, very interesting basic value and that is tolerance and acceptance. So the moment you come to the Netherlands, wherever from all over the world and you get a citizenship then you have to at least underline and embrace the constitution and the values of the country. We are a diverse country; my city is 154 nationalities. And that means that the rule of law is above everyone. Whatever your conviction is, whatever your religion is, whatever.”

The mayor says people who don’t share the same values should leave the Netherlands:

“But if you reject the society, you don’t want to be member of what I call the we community, and you reject the constitution and you reject the quality between people and you reject the freedoms, then it’s up to you to examine whether you want to be with us… But if you want to send out of the we community, you threaten us, you go to Yemen to learn how to use a Kalashnikov and to come back to threaten the society, well, you are not part of my we society; you’d better leave…”

Aboutaleb caused a stir in the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris when he said:

"if you don't like it here because you don't like that humorists who make a newspaper — yeah, if I can say it like this, get lost!," as reported by CNN.

Sources: the Inquisitor, CNN

Photo: Wikimedia


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