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Muslim Group: Banning Alcohol Is Necessary In Order To Prevent Sex Attacks

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A Muslim pressure group said that Germany needs to ban alcohol if it wants to prevent more sexual violence in the city of Cologne. 

Pressure group MuslimStern commented on the 520-plus sexual assaults and at least three rapes that occurred on New Year’s Eve, which were blamed on Muslim migrants who gathered around Cologne’s cathedral during the night, according to Daily Mail.

“You cannot expect to chuck a naked antelope in front of a lion and not expect it to react,” the group wrote in a Facebook post, reported Daily Mail. "It is mind boggling that with so much time spent teaching children about sex at school, they completely forget to pass on this basic biological fact." 

They urged the government to ban alcohol consumption in the country, and also blamed women for the attacks on the grounds that they incite young men.

“Some women should think about whether it is wise to lightly dressed and drunk, to go between hordes of drunken men,” the post read.

“In general, the woman wearing due to their nature have a responsibility when it goes out of the house. You can not throw a naked antelope from a lion and expect that at the lion stirs nothing. It is amazing that is taught in biology class so much about the mating and sexual behavior of living things, but these rules are completely ignored in everyday life. And because many non-Muslims constantly [emphasize] that we live in a Christian country, we call on you, in this country that women should dress Christian. Mary, Mother of Jesus, lived out as a Christian woman has to dress. So it would be highly recommended for some women to take Mary as a role model and not Lady Gaga.”

Muslim preacher Imam Sami Abu-Yusuf also blamed the attacks on women wearing perfume and dressing a certain way. 

“My reply was taken out of context,” he later clarified, reported Daily Mail. "What I said was that we have a real problem with men from North Africa living in Cologne. These young men take tablets and drugs, and over New Year they took alcohol which took away all the barriers." 

Asked again if he felt women’s attire and perfume choices were to blame for the attacks, Yusuf denied the suggestion.

“No, that is of course forbidden and not only for Muslims,” he said. "But there were women with very open clothing and they were wearing perfume, and at the same time while walking through the drunken masses, of course for these North African men, that was an excuse to grope them. That doesn't mean to say that I believe women cannot be dressed like this. Everyone has to accept that."

Sources: Daily Mail, Express / Photo credit: Daily Mail 

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