Picture Of Teen Suspect In Munich Shooting Released


A photo of the German-Iranian teenager who opened fire at patrons in a Munich, Germany, McDonald’s and nearby mall has been released.

The photo of suspect Ali Sonboly, 18, was obtained by The Telegraph, after reports named him as the shooter responsible for at least nine deaths and the wounding of another 16 people. Many of the victims were teenagers and young children.

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The motive behind the shooting is still unclear. 

Sonboly reportedly did not have any links to the Islamic State and it is believed he orchestrated the attack alone. However, investigators found an obvious link with Anders Breivik, who was responsible for a 2011 mass killing in Norway that claimed the lives of 77 people, CNN reports.

The five-year anniversary of Breivik’s massacre was July 22, the same day Sonboly’s attack took place.

In Sonboly’s room, investigators found evidence that he had been researching shooting rampages, and a book entitled, “Rampage in My Mind -- Why Students Kill,” was discovered, according to Robert Heimberger, president of the Bavarian State Criminal Police Office.

The 9-mm Glock 17 pistol Sonboly used in the shooting was likely obtained illegally, because the serial number had been scratched off. He had 300 bullets on his person when his body was found.

An autopsy of Sonboly determined he died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. No suicide note was discovered in his home.

Sources: The Telegraph, CNN / Photo Credit: NDTVThe Telegraph

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