Mother's Message To Store Assistant Who Helped Calm Her Child With Down's Syndrome Goes Viral


A grateful mother has turned to social media to express her thanks after a store assistant helped her calm down her son with Down’s syndrome.

Her message of thanks has since gone viral.

Caroline Playne, 41, had been shopping with her 7-year-old son Seb at a TK Maxx store in Trowbridge, England. Her boy has Down’s syndrome and had refused to move from the top of a set of stairs, reported the Mirror.

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As the mother attempted to coax her child down the steps, store assistant Ashley Rogers witnessed the situation and came over to the child and sat down next to him. He then began talking to the boy and encouraging him to go down the stairs.

After talking, the child reportedly had a smile on his face and walked down the steps to his mother.

Grateful for the act, Caroline took to Facebook to thank Ashley. Her post has since gone viral, receiving more than 29,000 likes and nearly 3,000 shares.

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“I cannot express how much this young man’s actions meant to me,” Caroline wrote in her post. “To see him speak to Seb so kindly and concerned, getting down to his level by sitting down next to him and then motivating him to move off the stairs at a time when I was starting to feel the stress rise up inside me. It was done with genuine concern too as he was unaware at first that I was watching.”

She later added, “Ash … showed such great understanding and empathy, dealt with the situation perfectly and above all really made my visit to your store a lot less stressful … I would be grateful if you would pass on my sincerest thanks.”

Rogers later commented on the post saying, “Many thanks for your kind words and indeed thanks to those who have left incredibly kind comments as well … I honestly had no idea my, what I consider to be, small actions made such a hugely positive impact on both you and your son, Seb.”

“Again, many thanks for your kind words and I wish the best for you and of course Seb as well,” he added.

Source: Mirror, TKMaxx on Facebook

Photo Credit: Via Mirror


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