Mother Who Killed Eight Newborn Babies Gets Nine Years In Prison


A woman in France was sentenced to nine years in prison for killing eight of her newborn babies over a more than 10-year period.

Dominique Cottrez, a 51-year-old health worker, reportedly killed eight babies between 1989 and 2000 — with most of the killings taking place in the bathroom at her home.

Cottrez was caught in 2010 after the new owner of the home where the murders occurred found the babies’ bodies in trash bags buried in the garden and hidden in the garage.

While life in prison was first considered, the prosecutor requested that the court grant her “extenuating circumstances” due to psychological problems. The prosecutor then sought an 18-year prison sentence for Cottrez, with the final sentence ultimately being nine years.

“If this women took pleasure (in her acts) we would not have found the bodies. She conserved them … she woke up at night in winter to cover their bodies,” lawyer Frank Berton said. 

Cottrez told authorities she killed the babies out of fear that they were born of a sexual relationship she had with her father. It was ultimately determined that all of the children were fathered by her husband, and she admitted in court this week that she lied about the incestuous relationship.

Due in part to obesity, Cottrez was able to hide the pregnancies from her husband and two adult daughters, as well as her doctors. 

“I did all this alone, I admit it,” she said in court on July 1. 

Prosecutor Eric Vaillant said that despite her psychological issues, Cottrez needed to go to prison “so that she realizes the absolute horror of the crimes she has committed.”

Cottrez was convicted of seven counts of first-degree murder and one count of second-degree murder. 

Sources: New York Post, The Guardian

Photo Credit: AP via New York Post


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