Mother Reportedly Murders 17-Year-Old Daughter After Discovering She Was Pregnant

A Turkish woman reportedly murdered her 17-year-old daughter after she discovered that the girl was three months pregnant, according to police in Turkey.

Neighbors reportedly informed the 36-year-old mother, identified as Emine A., that her teen daughter, Meryem A., was pregnant, Worldwide Weird News reports. After learning about the pregnancy, Emine retrieved her gun from her house and confronted her daughter before shooting her five times.

Witnesses in the Selçuk district of Niğde, Turkey quickly transported Meryem, who worked as a grocery store clerk, to a hospital. Meryem was pronounced dead upon arrival.

Emine was arrested and charged with murder, though she apparently had a nervous collapse and was hospitalized. According to Sharia Unveiled, the mother was Muslim.

The investigation into the incident is ongoing, Hurriyet Daily News reports.

Violence against women is an ongoing and common problem in the country, according to Turkish authorities, though most attacks are instigated by men.

Sources: Worldwide Weird News, Hurriyet Daily News

Photo Credit: Worldwide Weird News, DAVID HOLT/Flickr


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