Mother Receives Nasty Note For Ridiculous Reason


An Australian mother came home to find a rude note from a neighbor one day in her mailbox.

Writer Alys Gagnon was left shocked and frustrated when she found the note. It read, “Mow your grass you pigs.”

Gagnon shared an image on her lawn, which was medium length, alongside a post on Facebook where she expressed anger and disbelief by her neighbor’s action.

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“To the person who left this note in my letterbox, at first I was so ashamed and angry. But now I feel nothing but pity for you. You must lead a sad sort of existence if an untidy front lawn prompts you to leave a rude note in a stranger’s letterbox,” Gagnon posted.

Gagnon, a writer, spoke to Daily Mail Australia, saying the person who penned the note still has not come forward and that her family has no idea who it could have been.

“People are shocked that someone would be so rude, rather than coming to talk to us about it in person. Of course, ironically, if they had we would have mown the lawn straight away.”

Gagnon posed the question on Mamamia, asking, “What if my husband or I had a terminal illness that prevented us from tending our lawn.”

She says her husband is now intentionally ignoring the lawn, but says that he would have leaped into action if the note had been friendlier.

Gagnon, who is an editor for the website The Motherish, said that it is important to be “real with parents.”

She said, “I don't live a perfect life, with a perfect house or garden. My husband and I, we're juggling work and family and all the commitments that entails. The measure of motherhood is not how nice your home is. I thought it was important to tell my story, to help any parent out there who feels like they're struggling to know that no one is perfect.”

On Facebook, she wrote, “The grass is long, but so is my love for my children, my passion for my husband, my joy in their company, my delight in our friends and my fulfillment from challenging work. I hope one day you find the same.”

Gagnon says the longer she thinks about the note, the more perplexed she becomes.

Sources: Daily Mail, Mamamia / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons


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