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Mother Locks Daughters In Bedroom At Night So She Can Be With Pedophile

A Devon, England, woman locks her daughters inside an alarmed bedroom at night so she can sleep with her pedophile husband.

Social workers are aware of the situation and approve of the arrangement.

The stepfather, who was convicted and jailed for attacking a girl under 13, is now living with the mother and her two daughters, who are both under the age of 13.

The arrangement comes just months after he was described as being a “continuing risk” to the girls, reports The Daily Mail.

The alarmed bedroom is only one of the “safety” measures put in place, according to a report by county council officials. Other measures include that the stepfather would have to climb over the mother from his side of the bed to get out, thereby waking her up in the process.

The daughters also have a baby monitor in their room they may use to call their mother if they need to get out of the room and use the bathroom, for instance.

“It was decided that because there was a baby monitor in their bedroom the children could wake their mother up who could open the door for them,” a family source said.“And they thought the alarm on the door was adequate because it couldn’t be shut off after it had been set off.” 

The sisters’ grandmother contacted the Sunday Mirror with her concerns over the arrangement.

“The alarm and the other so-called precautions to stop my granddaughters being abused are a load of rubbish,” the grandmother said. “Since learning my daughter’s new husband was a paedophile I’ve tried to express my concerns to social ­services. I’m appalled this man was allowed to move into the family home with my granddaughters. Other family members also feel their concerns are being ignored. It feels like my granddaughters are isolated and at risk. Social services don’t seem to want to listen to me. It’s heartbreaking, but I have to keep fighting this for the sake of the girls.”

The girls’ father now lives in another part of the country after splitting with their mother and does not have regular contact with them.

When the mother started her relationship with the accused pedophile, she applied to become an “approved person,” meaning she could supervise contact between him and children. They reportedly dated before in the 1980s and she was fully aware of his pedophile conviction upon restarting their relationship.

The couple eventually married, even with the man not being allowed to spend the night at the home until recently, when the plan was put in place.

Devon County Council confirmed that the plan was approved and that they feel enough safety measures are in place for the man to stay in the family home. They report that police are aware of the situation and are monitoring it closely with regular visits to the property.

A source close to the family thinks the mother is acting stupidly.

“We can’t believe that this mother has been so stupid as to take up with this man,” the source said. “And how on earth is an alarm going to stop him if he decides he wants to abuse those children? Everyone involved in this atrocious situation should hang their heads in shame.”

The identity of the pedophile, his wife and her two children cannot be revealed for legal reasons — however, their identities are known to the Sunday Mirror.

The Sunday Mirror approached the pedophile and he denied he was a sex offender.

“What business have you got even if I was a pedophile?” he added.

Sources: The Daily Mail, Sunday Mirror / Photo Source:


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