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Woman Kills Herself Over Son's Fiancee's Height

Woman Kills Herself Over Son's Fiancee's Height Promo Image

A Chinese mother reportedly took her own life because she was not happy with her son's fiancee's height.

The woman was identified as 47-year-old Ms. Lin. People's Daily reported it was initially believed she killed herself because she could not afford the expensive gifts her son's fiancee requested for their wedding, according the Daily Mail.

According to local police officer Du Chuanfeng, the son's fiancee had asked the young man's parents to buy a new car. But the parents  could not afford it.

It was also reported that Lin's body was found in Nov. 17 in a river in Ningling County, Henan Province. Her husband, Mr. Gao, allegedly jumped into a river when he saw his wife's body.

The son reportedly jumped into the river to save his father. They were immediately rescued by police. Chuanfeng said he was the one who saved Lin's husband and son from the river.

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But the Propaganda Department of Ningling County had a different account of the events that led up to Lin's reported suicide. It alleged Lin killed herself because her son's fiancee was too short.

The department took to its official social media account to say the mother killed herself because she was unhappy about her future daughter-in-law's height.

"The dead person, Ms Lin, had disagreement with her son regarding her son's engagement," the government statement read, according to a translation by Daily Mail. "Her son's partner came from the same town as the family. Ms Lin did not like her son's partner, claiming she was too short. She threatened to kill herself."

Lin is then believed to have taken her own life "on a sudden impulse." She was reportedly passing by the river on her scooter before jumping to her death.

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Neither Gao nor his son have released a statement on the matter.

China is the only country in the world where women have a higher suicide rate than men, the Telegraph reports. Estimates show that somewhere between 25 and 40 percent more women kill themselves each year than men in China.

China also accounts for 26 percent of the world's suicides. The country had about 500 suicides by women per day in 2009, according to the World Bank and the World Health Organization, The Telegraph reports. That totaled to 182,500 for the year.

If that rate has continued since 2009, it would mean that more than 1.2 million Chinese women have taken their own lives in the past seven years.

Sources: Daily Mail, The Telegraph / Featured Image: Pixabay / Embedded Images: People's Daily via Daily Mail

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