Mother Of Girl Who Fled Russia To Marry Islamic State Terrorist Says Her Daughter Is 'A Monster'


The Russian mother of a girl who ran away to Syria to marry an Islamic State group terrorist desperately tried to stop her daughter from leaving by chaining her to a radiator.

Fatima Dzhafarova, 20, from Siberia, Russia, was a university student when she decided to flee to Syria to marry an Islamic State group fighter, the Mirror reports.

Since the Paris terrorist attacks on Nov. 13, Dzhafarova posted messages on social media in support of Islamic State group jihadists, claiming it was her “brothers who smashed all in Paris.”

Her mother, Shakhla Bochkaryova, 41, in an interview with Russian TV channel SITV, said she views her daughter as a “monster.”

“It's better not to live than to be the mother of a terrorist. You realize what a monster you gave birth to,” Bochkaryova said in a report from the Daily Mail. “It is hard for any mother. Of course, no mother will admit that her child is a monster. But if you're honest, yes, we gave birth to these monsters.”

Dzhafarova was allegedly recruited by a man named Abdullah, who came to her home and asked her to marry him.

"She told me 'our brothers will come and kill those like you, infidels. They'll cut heads with knives and you know, my heart won't miss a beat,’” Bochkaryova said of her daughter’s radicalization in the interview. "Fatima started wearing a hijab, she only had thoughts about doomsday ... she lived at my expense but refused to work because it's a 'sin.’

"I looked at her and I could no longer see my child. She was simply a shell of my daughter, no soul, no thoughts, no heart.”

Bochkaryova reportedly tried to stop her daughter from fleeing to Syria by chaining her to a radiator, but the girl escaped out of the window.

Dzhafarova was last seen boarding a bus near her home. She traveled to Syria through Dagestan, Azerbaijan and Turkey.

Bochkaryova thinks her daughter’s life is in danger.

"If she lives with a recruiter, she already knows too much. They wouldn't let her leave alive. A bullet, that's the price of her life. As painful as it is, I know I will never see her again,” Bochkaryova said.

Sources: Mirror, Daily Mail / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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