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South African Man Allegedly Called Wife, Forced Her To Listen As He Killed Their Sons

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South African mother Lorraine Kekana was reportedly forced to listen to her children having their throat’s slit during a phone call.

The 30-year-old mother of four reported that she had been in a domestic dispute with her husband, the Daily Mail reports. However, she believed the issue had been resolved when he drove off with their kids from the family home in Pretoria, South Africa.

Kekana’s husband allegedly claimed he was taking their kids, ages 13 and 10, on a short vacation. However, he instead drove them to his home village in Moletlane, South Africa.

He then called Kekana with a nasty threat.

“Do you have any final words for your boys before they die?” Kekana’s husband reportedly asked.

Kekana was then allegedly forced to listen to her husband slitting the throats of her four boys. Since then, Kekana says that her life has been destroyed.

“I haven’t stopped crying, I never thought I would bury all my boys at the same time and all so young,” Kekana said, according to the Daily Mail. “Now my house is empty and I am alone. No amount of tears will bring back my children.”

Kekana initially couldn’t believe that the sounds on the other line were her boys. When she called a neighbor to confirm the facts, she was devastated to find that they were true.

It was later discovered that Kekana’s husband had also slit his own throat. However, he was found inside his home and taken to a hospital where he is currently recovering. According to Limpopo police spokesperson Colonel Ronel Otto, Kekana’s husband is healing under police guard.

Kekana’s husband will appear in court as soon as he heals. It’s expected that he’ll be charged with four counts of murder. 

Sources: DailyMail, Florida News Time

Photo Credit: WikiCommons


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