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Mother Feeds Chili Pepper To 16-Month-Old Girl (Video)

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A mother in England is under fire on social media after she allegedly fed her daughter a jalapeno pepper and filmed her reaction (video below).

On the video, the 16-month-old girl can be seen taking a chili pepper from her mother’s hand and placing it into her mouth.

She begins to cry and spits out the pepper while her mom laughs in the background.

Despite this, the mother picks up the pepper and hands it back to her daughter who again places it in her mouth and attempts to eat it.

The video has since been making its rounds on social media, where it has drawn the ire and opinion of many people online.

“Wow! She took it like a champ!” said one user.

“If she had reached for a weapon would you let her pull the trigger?” asked another user. “What a Dumb A—Parent.”

“Hey … that’s not funny you bone-head!” commented another.

This video comes weeks after another video the mother posted of her 6-month-old boy eating a lemon. On the video, the boy takes the fruit and chews on it before he reacts similarly to his sister.

“First it was the ‘let your kid chew on a lemon slice’ for a ‘cute video’, and now it’s jalapenos,” noted one user.

Source: The Daily MailRumbleViral on YouTube

Photo Credit: The Daily Mail


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