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Australian Mom Finds $9,000 In Son's Laundry, Discovers Disturbing Story Behind It

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A mother reportedly learned of her son’s ISIS ties after finding $9,000 in his pocket while doing laundry. 

The revelation came after the Sydney, Australia, man’s mother found the large amount of cash in his pocket and questioned him about it, The Guardian reported. The man was allegedly working with 23-year-old Omarjan Azari and 26-year-old Ali Al-Talebi, who are now accused of attempting to make $15,000 available to the terrorist organization.

The unidentified Sydney man allegedly transferred $6,000 successfully and was planning to transfer the $9,000 but disagreed with the fees he was charged, according to ABC 7. He then took the money home, where his mother found it.

The man has reportedly agreed to testify against both men. In exchange for his testimony, he will not face prosecution, prosecutors in Sydney said. 

Azari’s lawyer said there is no evidence that the funds were ever received by ISIS, though prosecutors said it was determined that the purpose of the money transfer was to “end up supporting Islamic State activities in Syria and Iraq.”

The committal meeting for the case was held in court on Dec. 7.

Sources: ABC 7, The Guardian / Photo credit: ABC 7, YouTube

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