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Mother Of 11 On Government Benefits Plans $14,000 Trip To Vegas For Vow Renewal

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A mother of 11 living on government benefits is planning to renew her vows with her husband in Las Vegas on the taxpayer’s dime.

Cheryl Prudham, 33, who is currently pregnant with her 12th child, split up with her husband, 30-year-old Robert, earlier this year after he admitted to sending sexually explicit messages to a woman on Facebook. The pair reportedly plans to fly to Vegas and stay at a £200 [$299.15] per night hotel, spend £1,000 [$1,494] on a dress, and spend a significant amount on gambling, to celebrate their vow renewal.

Prudham said she wants to conceive baby number 13 while on the trip, with plans for a 14th after that because 13 is an “unlucky number.”

“It’s the kind of trip they’ve always dreamed of so it’s ­no-expense spared. It’s the sort of luxury holiday most people with jobs could never afford,” an anonymous source said. “But as far as Cheryl is concerned she’s earned it. She’s laughing all the way to the bank – or Las Vegas, in this case.”

Prudham and her husband, who makes £1,600 [$2,392] per month as a delivery driver, avoid the British government’s benefit cap because Robert makes enough to claim a tax credit. Their combined income includes £39,192 [$58,571] in benefits.

Sources: Metro, Daily Star

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