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Moroccan Woman Arrested In Spain, Accused Of Being ISIS Recruiter

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A teenage woman originally from Morocco was arrested in Spain Sept. 5 for allegedly recruiting members to the Islamic State (ISIS).

The 18-year-old woman was arrested at an airport near Gandia, a city near Valencia. The woman was allegedly attempting to fly to Syria to join the well-known terrorist organization, the Jerusalem Post reported. She is accused of attempting to recruit other women to join ISIS via the internet.

Prior to her arrest, the woman was “making the last preparations for her journey,” said Gandia law enforcement officers.

The Jerusalem Post also noted that more than 100 people from Spain have been suspected of joining the Islamic State since the group became infamous last year. On Sept. 3, Germany sent another ISIS accomplice to Spain who was assisting in the planning of terror attacks on the nation.

In August, 14 people suspected of joining ISIS were arrested by Moroccan and Spain authorities, according to Spain’s Interior Ministry.

The multiple arrests were connected to “a network … capturing and sending foreign fighters to join the ranks of the terrorist organization Daesh (Islamic State) in the Syrian-Iraq region that it controls,” the Ministry said in a statement.

The statement also said that the woman recently arrested had "spread jihadist ideology on the Internet, justifying terrorist acts and spreading videos that glorified executions of people.”

Sources: Daily Mail, Jerusalem Post

Photo Credit: New York Post, Wikimedia Commons


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