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Monkeys Stone Priest To Death (Video)

A priest was reportedly stoned to death by monkeys while he was sweeping his porch in Patna, India on Nov. 30 (video below).

The monkeys were perched on the terrace of Munna Mishra's home when they began stoning him with bricks while he swept downstairs.

After the attack, Mishra was rushed to a local hospital by his family, but he died from his injuries.

Police wanted an autopsy performed on the priest's body, but the family declined, according to the Daily Mail.

Mirchai Gali region officials announced that this was the third person killed by “nuisance” monkeys, which have also attacked women and children, reports the Daily Express.

A police supervisor instructed forest department officials and the Patna Municipal Corporation to apprehend the creatures and turn them over to the Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park.

Sources: Daily Express, Daily Mail / Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

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