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Monkey Kills A Priest In India With Bricks As Displaced Animals Lash Out


The monkeys are rebelling. A priest in India died after monkeys dropped bricks on him as he was sweeping the front entrance of his house, becoming the third person to die from animal attacks in recent years.

Temple priest Munna Mishra was killed on Nov. 30 outside his house in Mirchai Gali in Patna, according to Daily Mail.

The monkeys were thought to be playing on the balcony of his home while he was cleaning and started to drop the bricks.

One brick hit Mishra, who was taken to Nalanda Medical College and Hospital, but he died of his injuries.

Authorities wanted an autopsy report, but his relatives refused to grand permission.

His death has generated fear in the region after he became the third person in recent years to be killed by a monkey.

Residents say monkeys have bitten numerous people in the area over the past week.

Resident of Bhadra Ghat, Jeetendera Singh, said: “They not only snatch vegetables and other good from the hands of people but also bite them. Some schoolchildren have also become their target.”

India is the most densely packed nation among the world’s top 10 economies, according to the United Nations and CIA World Factbook, reports The Telegraph.  

As India’s urban expansion continues, natural habitats are destroyed and many animals are being displaced, according to Vice. India has around 50 million monkeys. Vice notes that monkeys are protected in India and killing them is illegal.

“The real problem is proper wildlife and human-wildlife conflict-management practices in the country,” Pawan Sharma, founder of Resqink Association for Wildlife Welfare, told Vice.

In July, the U.N. said India will be the world's most populous country by 2022, reports The New York Times.

As the Indian population continues to swell on limited resources and land, residents will likely have more conflicts with monkeys unless something is done.

Sources: Daily Mail, The Telegraph, Vice, The New York Times / Photo source: Wikimedia Commons

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