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Monkey Adopts Stray Puppy (Video)

A rhesus macaque monkey was recently caught on video (below) adopting an adorable stray puppy in Allahabad, India.

The monkey carried the puppy in its arms while onlookers followed and fed the pair, notes RT.

The monkey was protective of the dog, and never let it out of its sight.

This type of monkey behavior is relatively common in India. A rhesus macaque monkey was filmed with its adopted puppy in Erode, India, in January 2016, noted The Dodo.

People gave the two animals food, and the monkey made sure the dog ate first. Despite the monkey's attempts at care, local news agencies reported forest department officials took the dog away.

In January 2015, The Dodo noted several instances of animals adopting other animals.

A boxer dog adopted a baby goat that was only a few hours old after the mother abandoned her kid. The dog reportedly bathes the goat, and keeps watch on him.

Two cats, Sugar and Spice, adopted a newborn squirrel, Chestnut, which the cats' owners had found. The cats cleaned and fed their squirrel as if it were part of their own litter.

A peacock named Valentine adopted a goose she hatched at the How Park Farm in the U.K. "She walks it around, shows it what to eat, and even puts it to bed at night," said Caroline Halse, a farm employee.

A German shorthaired pointer, Kiera, adopted an owlet named Cherub at the Devon Bird of Prey Center in England. Dogs of this breed are normally hunters, but Kiera made an exception for the baby owl.

A springer spaniel reportedly took care of orphaned lambs, which included transporting their bottles of milk in her mouth.

A dog, Sai Hu, cared for an orphaned baby monkey that was being bullied by other monkeys at a  zoo in China. The dog even allowed the baby monkey to ride on its back.

A dog named Rex adopted a 4-month-old baby kangaroo whose mother had been hit and killed by a car. Amazingly, the baby survived. After being cared for by Rex, the baby kangaroo was taken to a wildlife sanctuary.

Sources: RT, The Dodo (2) / Photo credit: ekeidar/Panoramio

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