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Kids Stop Their Drunken Dad From Killing Their Mother

Rachael Moore owes her life to her children.

The children were the ones who subdued a drunk, gun-toting intruder who shot Moore twice in the arm and would have done more damage if they hadn't intervened. For two of the children, intervening was especially difficult -- Daryl Fields, who stormed into the family's home in Australia in a drunken rampage, was their father.

The second oldest of the siblings, 12-year-old Cameron, spoke about the ordeal for the first time publicly in an interview with the Australian version of "60 Minutes."

Moore and Fields had been amicably separated, and Fields was permitted to visit the two children he had with Moore for seven years, according to the Daily Mail. Then Fields showed up one night unannounced, drunk and with a shotgun in his hands.

Moore tried to get her children to run away, but Cameron and 14-year-old Jayden told "60 Minutes" they couldn't run after they saw Fields fire his shotgun twice, hitting their mother in her left arm both times.

"We were all screaming and telling him not to shoot, but he did anyway," Jayden said. "He didn’t hesitate. He shot and mum fell backwards."

In the "60 Minutes" interview, Cameron said they were spurred by their desire to save their mother, but also quickly realized that Fields could kill the entire family if he wasn't stopped.

"I thought it might have been the end for the whole family. For my brothers and sisters as well, maybe," Cameron said. "I guess my body decided I’m going to do what I can to stop this. No matter what I have to do."

Cameron said he rushed forward while Fields had his gun pointed toward Moore. He elbowed Fields, disarmed him, and threw the gun out of a window while his brother Jayden attacked Fields from behind, hopping on the drunk man's back and striking him several times.

The boys were able to subdue Fields -- and knock him unconscious -- while their 10-year-old sister, Kaylea, called police.

Responding officers were surprised when they arrived and saw 12-year-old Cameron waving them in.

"Down here, down here. My mum's been shot," Cameron said he told the police. "Don't worry, I've disarmed him, the gun is under the balcony, it's all safe to go up."

Since then, Moore has had 15 surgeries to repair her shattered arm.

Fields was charged with attempted murder, breach of a domestic violence order, and unlawful possession of a weapon. He pleaded guilty to four charges, according to the Daily Mail, but still hasn't been sentenced as of June 2016.

Friends of the family have set up a donation page, where supporters can help the family pay Moore's medical bills and help them stay afloat financially while she is unable to work.

Sources: Daily Mail, 60 Minutes Australia / Photo credit: 60 Minutes Australia via Daily Mail

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