Mom Stabs Neighbor To Death After Learning He Was An Accused Pedophile

A British mother of five turned herself in to police after she “took the law into her own hands” and stabbed a suspected pedophile to death.

Reports say 32-year-old Sarah Sands repeatedly stabbed 77-year-old Michael Pleasted in his London home after he was charged with sexually assaulting two boys. Sands reportedly drank two bottles of wine and a bottle of brandy before confronting the accused pedophile. Closed-circuit cameras at the east London government housing estate reportedly caught the woman leaving his home with a knife.

As Sands left the home, a neighbor apparently tried to greet Sands, to which the woman responded, “Pretend you never saw me.”

Later, Sands went to her stepson’s home carrying a bag containing a knife covered in blood and confessed to him that she had killed the accused pedophile, reports Daily Mail. Her stepson convinced her to turn herself into police, and the next morning, Sands went to the police station and told them, “I took care of it. I stabbed him.”

“Who houses a f***** pedophile on an estate, like seriously? He was asking for trouble,” Sands told police, reports The Telegraph. “I did it all by myself. I couldn't let anyone else get hurt you see, somebody had to protect people, somebody had to do something.”

Despite admitting to killing Pleasted, Sands and her lawyer insist it shouldn’t be considered murder. Prosecutors see it differently.

“It is not a defense  to a charge of murder to say something along the following lines: 'The victim got what he deserved because he was a pedophile,’” prosecutor Jonathan Rees said. “Just a moment's thought will confirm what all fair and reasonable people appreciate, namely that members of the public cannot be allowed to take the law into their own hands, however appallingly their fellow citizens might be thought to have behaved.”

Pleasted was set to appear in court in June on sexual assault charges. Sands’ murder trial continues.

Sources: Daily Mirror, The Telegraph

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons


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