Mom Raps Against Transgender-Friendly Schools (Video)


MH Weibe, a self-described "concerned mother," recently released a rap video (below) in which she warns people about some proposed guidelines that would allow transgender students to use their preferred school bathroom facilities in Alberta, Canada.

According to Global News, Alberta’s education minister announced the new proposed guidelines for schools in January. The guidelines include allowing transgender students to use the bathroom that they believe matches their self-identified gender identity, dressing according to their gender identity and playing on sports teams per their gender identity. The guidelines also say transgender students should be addressed with a name and pronoun they endorse.

Weibe's tune “Gender Bender” says the focus should be on "educating rather than mere facilitating," and she tells her audience to "calculate the cost while teachers' jobs take cuts and loss."

According to, Weibe sings a chorus of: “This is just a fender bender/ All over sex and gender/ Can we pick another issue/ Than to change our bathrooms for a few.”

Weibe also raps: "Listen, listen to what I say/ The animal kingdom is smarter this way/ The animals lead with more guile/ Their offspring keep their gender in the wild."

Later in the song, she adds: "I am a concerned mother of three/ Keep male and female washrooms where our children can pee."

Weibe also urges parents to "seize the day" and "pray," and "speak up for children in this way."

At the end of her song, Weibe tells viewers to go to, a website that states: "These new guidelines are illegal in their circumvention of law and procedure for legal name and gender change."

"This document uses uncompromising language and definite expectation which bullies school boards to hurriedly submit policies. With looming threat of school board dissolution, Alberta's educators must comply with guidelines that dangerously lack sufficient consideration as to the legal, moral and privacy implications."

Sources:,, Global News / Photo credit: Lady Fingers/YouTube

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