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Mother and Daughters Stabbed In South Of France

A mother and her three daughters were stabbed while they were on vacation in the south of France.

The family was in Garda-Colombe, a village in southern France, when a 37-year-old man assaulted the mother and three girls, aged 8, 12, and 14, with a knife, according to the Daily Mail. The attacker, who had reportedly been staying next door to them, was arrested by police. The 8-year-old victim is in critical condition after her lung was punctured. The mother, 46, sustained injuries to her sternum in the attack. 

While the motive for the attack is not yet clear, initial reports from the French media indicated that their attacker had said that the girls and their mother were "too lightly dressed," though a local prosecutor later denied these claims. The mother and daughters are believed to have been wearing shorts and T-shirts.

The suspect, who has been taken into custody, is from Paris, according to Time.

"The two families shared a terraced house with two apartments," said a police prosecutor. While French media has reported that the attacker was a Muslim man named Mohammed B and that the attack may have been religiously motivated, the report has not been confirmed.

"The motive of the attack is very unclear," Raphael Balland, a local prosecutor, told La Parisien. "No religious connotation word has been pronounced."

According to Balland, there is no evidence that the man attacked the family because of the way the victims were dressed, Time reports.

"I wanted to quash the rumor currently doing the rounds because on no account did this man make such comments that the attack may have been motivated by the victims’ dress," he said.

The town's mayor, Edmond Francou, said that he did not want to speculate about the attacker's motivations in the wake of the July attack in Nice which killed 84 people, Telegraph reports. Francou suggested that the man behind the stabbings may be "psychologically sick."

Sources: Daily Mail, Le Parisien, Time, The Telegraph / Photo credit: Google Streetview via Le Parisien

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