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Models Pose As European Migrants In Fashion Pictures, Outrage Follows (Photos)

Outrage has erupted on social media over fashion pictures of models dressed as European migrants. The photos were taken by Hungarian photographer Norbert Baksa.

Hundreds of thousands of fleeing migrants have passed through and stayed in Hungary and other countries, causing a humanitarian crisis, notes The Telegraph.

One Twitter user posted "WTF?!" with a picture of a model dressed like a scantily clad migrant taking a selfie with a cellphone next to a barbed wire fence.

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Another photo shows a woman dressed in traditional Muslim attire, fighting with a police officer while her breasts are partially exposed. A Twitter user who posted the image wrote: "Art gone berserk. Some dude has actually done a fashion photoshoot on the theme of migrants."

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In response to the controversy, Baksa reportedly wrote on his website: "I do not understand how people can take a clear stand (pro or con) while we are flooded with contradictory information through the media, so no one has extensive knowledge of the situation as a whole.

"This is exactly what we wanted to picture: you see a suffering woman, who is also beautiful and despite her situation, has some high quality pieces of outfit and a smartphone."

Sources: The Telegraph, Twitter (2) / Photo Credit: Twitter


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