A model from Romania is following through on her promise to sell off her virginity to the highest bidder.

The woman had made the headlines in 2016 for openly coming out and saying she was selling her virginity to whomever could offer her the best deal.

Now, according to the New York Post, an unidentified Asian businessman has made her an offer of $2.5 million.

Aleexandra Kefren, 18, informed the media about the offer for what many consider to be an immoral deal. 

Cinderella Escorts, a German-based professional sex workers' firm, arranged for the transaction and is taking a 20 percent cut of Kefren's fee.

The model stated she was inspired by the 1993 seduction movie, "Indecent Proposal," in which a transaction involving sex and love has an ending where love triumphs over money.  

"I wanted to [auction] my virginity with Cinderella Escorts, rather than giving it to a future friend who might have left me [afterwards] anyway, and I think many other girls have the same attitude," she said, reports The Star.

The model shocked the hosts of the U.K. show "This Morning" with her point of view. 

"I looked it up on the internet," she said. "And I saw many girls who had sold their [virginity] for [close to] $3.5 million, or more." 

Kefren says the money is important to her.

"I need the money to study abroad [at] Oxford University for marketing and business," she stated. 

"Plus, I live in a very poor country [and] I need to help my parents, so I have to buy them a home. And after I graduate," she continued, "I want to start [my own] business." 

A man claiming to be her uncle, Radu Raducu, was contacted by the Daily Mail and purportedly stated that "[her parents] begged her not to do it" and that she allegedly said "'I'm 18 and I can do what I like with my body."

Raducu also said the family would distance themselves from their daughter if she continued with the transaction. 

"They [ultimately] threatened her and said if she goes ahead with selling herself, they will not consider her their daughter anymore," Raducu stated. 

The model and agency are playing it safe, and are reportedly planning to ask the man to be tested for sexually transmitted diseases. A member of the agency will also be present when the two meet for the first time.

Kefren says she has started talking with the male bidder, a resident of Hong Kong, whom she described as being "very friendly."

Sources: Inquisitr, Daily Mail, New York Post / Photo credit: ChrisCarroll071158/Pixabay

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