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Model Killed In Prison Riot

A 24-year-old Argentine model who was visiting a former army officer in a Guatemalan prison was among those killed in a riot in which 12 other people died.

Model Joanna Birriel was visiting former officer Bryon Lima when violence broke out, according to the Mirror.

Lima was imprisoned years ago for bludgeoning a bishop to death two days after the bishop presented a human rights report about atrocities committed during the country's civil war.

The riot began when another inmate threw a grenade at Lima. Lima was apparently a powerful prisoner who had built a multimillion dollar empire from inside the prison's walls.

But Lima's empire and his supporters could not save him, even though those supporting him started firing at his attackers within the prison. Twelve inmates died, with Birriel being the 13th casualty. Four of the prisoners killed were reportedly beheaded.

Officials say Birriel visited Lima once a month, and Lima's brother Luis Alberto said the model had worked for them as an advisor for a bio-health park company.  She was initially identified as Bryon Lima's girlfriend in a local press release in what is now thought to have been an error.  Birriel's current boyfriend was reportedly an agronomist and she worked alongside him.

According to officials, the violence is most likely the result of a feud between Lima's gang and a gang headed by a rival trafficker.

Sources: Mirror, Daily Mail / Photo credit: Facebook via Mirror

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