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Mob Beats And Burns 16-Year-Old Girl To Death (Video)

A 16-year-old girl was tortured and murdered by a mob in the village of Rio Bravo, Guatemala, and the violent attack was captured on video (below).

The unidentified girl was accused of being part of a gang that killed motorcycle taxi driver Carlos Enrique González Noriega, 68, the International Business Times reported.

Two men who were allegedly with the girl shot and robbed Noriega. The three then fled, and a vigilante mob chased after them.

The girl reportedly took a wrong turn and was attacked by the mob of about 25 people. 

She was dragged into the center of the mob by her hair and beaten until she couldn’t stand anymore. One person doused the girl in gasoline and lit her on fire.

The crowd of onlookers included elderly women and children.

No one stepped in to stop the murder.

Police are working to verify the video’s authenticity.

Though the government and the Catholic Church have condemned the killing, vigilante justice is not uncommon in rural Guatemala. Just this year, there have been 20 mob burnings, according to Mario Polanco of Guatemala's Grupo de Apoyo Mutuo, a human rights group.

"It is unfortunate these types of situations occur," Polanco told CNN. "They are produced by the weakness of the state's institutions to guarantee safety and justice for the population, and so [people] take justice into their own hands.”

Most murders in Guatemala go unsolved, with convictions achieved in only about 6 percent of all criminal cases, according to the United Nations. 

Sources: CNN, International Business Times / Image via YouTube


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