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MMA Fighter Proposes To Girlfriend After Bout (Video)

MMA fighter Vasiliy Palyok lost his bout to Alexei Martynov in St. Petersburg, Russia, on May 20, but gained a fiancee (video below).

Palyok proposed to his girlfriend Tatyana in the middle of the ring at the ACB 61 event, reports RT.

Palyok told the Russian news site that his biggest worry was being knocked out or choked out during the fight. Fortunately, he did not lose consciousness, and, after his loss, asked his girlfriend to come down to the cage.

Tatyana had no idea what was in store, although she thought it might be an apology for a recent argument.

Palyok got down on one knee, handed his girlfriend a box with a ring inside, and proposed.

"My dear, I want to thank you for your patience," he said, according to RT's translation. "You have always accepted me, no matter whether I win or lose. That's why I have an offer for you. Please, be my wife."

The fans cheered and Tatyana accepted.

Palyok hugged his future wife, and made an ominous promise: "If you’re willing to further tolerate and keep forgiving me, I’m all yours."

ACB President Mairbek Khasiev then surprised the happy couple by giving them a new car as an engagement present.

"We should turn this into a tradition at our events, in doing so helping Russia bump up its population," Khasiev said.

Palyok recalled his nuptial planning to RT:

I had this planned for the last year and a half. We were dating for four years, and the last two years we've been living together. I always wanted to propose exactly this way, exactly in the cage, exactly in St. Petersburg and exactly at ACB.

I wasn’t supposed to be on the card, but I told ACB that if any fighter pulled out in my weight category -- which is featherweight or even in lightweight -- I’m 100 percent ready to step in at short notice.

The only fight that eventually needed a replacement was at welterweight. I accepted the fight anyway, even though I knew my opponent would be much heavier than me, as I know that he cuts a lot of weight for the fights.

I did all that so I could propose in St. Petersburg. Of course I wanted to win, but another thing that was on my mind was not to get knocked out or injured, because then nothing would happen. I lost on a decision, but I figured I shouldn’t wait for another chance because it might take a year or two and I went for it.

We went through a lot of things together. At one point I could have faced five years in jail, but she was always with me while I was in custody, visiting and waiting for me throughout. My charges were eventually dropped, as I was innocent, but she said that she would wait for me no matter what.

According to Tapology, Palyok has an 8-6-0 record.

Sources: RT, Tapology / Photo Credit: Jordi Hernandes/Wikimedia Commons

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