Miner Sets Himself On Fire In Protest Over Pay (Video)


A Ukrainian miner, Viktor Trifonov, set himself on fire in a protest over back wages (video below).

Trifonov had joined his fellow hunger-striking miners at a press conference at the country’s Energy and Coal-Mining Ministry, notes RT.

While another miner spoke to the press, Trifonov could be seen pouring some type of liquid on his shirt and using a lighter to set himself ablaze.

The other miners were apparently unaware of Trifonov's self-immolation plans, but acted quickly to put out the flames.

Mihajlo Volynets, chairman of the Independent Miners Union of Ukraine, wrote on Facebook that Trifonov was in an intensive care hospital unit with "burns of 12 percent of his body: face, neck and chest."

The miners went on their hunger strike for wages they are allegedly owed and to call for the authorities to deal with a crisis that led to several large mining companies closing their doors.

Before lighting himself on fire, Trifonov told reporters the miners were at the ministry "to protest the unpopular policies that are now being implemented against the Ukrainian people."

"We had enough of begging for our well-earned money to be given to us," Trifonov added. "I feel ashamed before my kids for being forced to do this."

Ukraine broadcaster 112 reported that Trifonov had written letters to the Ukrainian prime minister and the country's energy minister that said he and his fellow miners "are ready for extreme measures and will protest till the end."

According to Australian Mining, miners clashed with police in Spain after mining subsidies were cut in the cash-strapped country in 2012. About 8,000 protesters built flaming barricades and fired rockets at the cops.

Some of the miners barricaded themselves inside a coal mine for about a month in a protest that put their own lives in danger.

Miners in Italy also barricaded themselves in a mine in 2012 to protest the closing of the mine.

One miner slashed his own wrists during a live TV broadcast.

WARNING: Graphic video.

Sources: RT, Australian Mining / Photo credit: Ruptly TV/YouTube

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