Migrants Sneak Into Truck To Cross From France To UK (Video)


A group of migrants were recently caught on video stowing away inside a truck in Calais, France, that was bound for a ferry crossing to Dover, England.

The video (below) was filmed by a passenger on a tour bus that was behind the truck (called a "lorry" in the UK).

After the migrants opened the back doors of the truck, some were able to climb inside. Moments later, more migrants are seen trying to open the storage compartments on the side of the truck.

The bus tour guide assured his passengers that all the bus doors were locked and advised them not to panic.

Jenny Adams, a passenger from New Zealand, filmed the spectacle, which her husband Dave wrote about in their blog, "Moments after the video ends the migrants began to flee as French police arrived in riot gear, searching trucks and directing the refugees back towards their camp," noted the Daily Mail.

According to the Dover Express, Port of Dover chief executive Tim Waggott said:

Trade on this route has grown by 20% in the past two years, a sign of the economic recovery that is taking place. That growth is continuing and we must not jeopardise this.

Today we add our weight to the call to protect our vital haulage industry and the greatly valued freight drivers who are vital to keeping the UK and Europe moving.

Sources: Daily Mail, Dover Express
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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