Men Caught On Video Sexually Harassing Swedish Woman (Video)


An unidentified woman was reportedly sexually harassed on the streets of Sodermanland County, Sweden, and caught it on video (below).

Judging from her comments, one man tried to grope her behind, while another man asked her for sex and offered to pay her, notes the Daily Mail. The news site reported that the men were "migrant," but there is no confirmation of that claim.

The video was likely filmed over the past few months because of snow on the ground, The Daily Mirror notes.

In the video, one of the two men asks the woman, "Can I make sex with you?" twice, which may indicate that he is not a native of Sweden.

The woman tells him that the other man attempted to touch her "a--." She asks repeatedly if the man's friend thinks that behavior is "OK."

The man asks again, "Can I make sex with you?" and the woman replies, "No. Never."

He persists, and the woman tells him that she is recording the incident.

He offers her money, and she replies: "What did you say? Do you think I'm a w----?"

Sources: Daily Mail, Daily Mirror / Photo Credit: Sasha Taylor/Flickr, Video Screenshot

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