Mexican Model Gunned Down In Front Of Family

A Mexican model was shot dead in her own home in an alleged cartel-related hit.

Karla Karina Garza Garcia, a 23-year-old part time model who also worked for a local TV station, was shot once in the head after a pair of armed and masked gunmen allegedly broke into her home in Monterrey on June 24, according to the Latin Times.

Garcia was in the home with her mother and other relatives when the attackers stormed in, screaming "Who is Karina?" the Daily Mail reported.

Garcia allegedly tried to hide, but the gunmen quickly found her. She pleaded for her life, the Mail reported, but the gunmen shot her once in the head before fleeing in a black Cadillac.

The family called police and emergency services. Paramedics arrived shortly after police did and reportedly found Garcia's screaming mother near her daughter's body. They weren't able to revive her.

Brietbart reported that an unnamed and unverified source, described as "close to the ongoing investigation," told them the attack was a targeted hit. Breitbart did not corroborate the information and described the source only as an "official." It's not clear why Garcia was allegedly targeted by organized crime in Mexico, but the Mail reported that the attack was likely related to Garcia's late boyfriend, Hilario Carvajal Lucas, who allegedly had ties with cartels. Lucas was killed earlier in 2016.

Garcia and Lucas had two children together.

Sources: Daily Mail, Latin Times, Breitbart / Photo credit: CEN via Daily Mail

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