Worker Hangs Mexican Flag On Trump Tower (Video)


Construction worker Diego Reyna hung a Mexican flag on the top of a Trump Tower April 2 that is being built in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (video below).

Reyna posted a picture of himself with the flag on Facebook, where it went viral.

“What is that?" Reyna said in an additional video, reports Toronto Star. "A Mexican flag. Why is that? Because it’s Mexicans that built this tower, from the drywall to the concrete finish, to the steel framing, to the cleaning and this crap. This building is standing here today, thanks to us, through our work and our labor. So, there’s a little present for Mr. Trump, so every time you judge us, you can think who is building your towers: we are."

"I put a Mexican flag on the roof of the Trump Tower in Vancouver, just to show that [Trump] is benefiting from us and that we are working hard on his projects and that we are not all criminals," Reyna, a Mexican-Canadian, told CBC News.

"Look at that building, look how beautiful it is ... and that is a result of a coordination of all the ethnic groups in Canada," Reyna added.

"I've seen every race and every religion working in that building."

Holborn Group, which owns Vancouver Trump Tower building, would not comment on the stunt or U.S. politics.

The flag was taken down by April 3, but a photo of Reyna and his flag had already been shared hundreds of times.

Reyna wrote on Facebook: "Because from the concrete pouring, finishing, drywall, taping, wood forming and general labor, Mexicans were there, building it, doing good work, the comments Trump has made about us, did not stop us from doing the high quality work we have always done, in our home country or when we migrate to the US/Canada."

Sources: CBC NewsToronto Star / Photo credit: Diego Reyna/Facebook

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