Medics Accidentally Drop Injured Soccer Player (Video)


Medics at a soccer game between Maccabi Ahi Nazareth and Maccabi Herzliya in Israel accidentally dropped an injured player after loading him into a stretcher on March 5 (video below).

According to USA Today, a player for Ahi Nazareth appeared to have an ankle injury. The medics came out on the field, had trouble loading him into the stretcher and, after a few feet, dropped him.

One of the medics was having trouble lifting his end of the stretcher up, so a player came over to help him, but they apparently moved too quickly for the second medic, who dropped his end.

USA Today identified the injured player as Amjad Sulaiman, but The Guardian and Who Ate All The Pies identified the player as Moamen Saleh.

The injured player tried to limp off the field on his own, but the captain of his team ran over, picked him up and carried him off the field.

According to Who Ate All The Pies, Ahi Nazareth won the game 1-0 over Herzliya.

Sources: USA Today, The GuardianWho Ate All The Pies / Photo credit: One/YouTube

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