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Man Accuses Mistress Of Cheating, Slices Her Head Off

Man Accuses Mistress Of Cheating, Slices Her Head Off Promo Image

A married man in India has been accused of slicing his mistress's head off with a sickle because he suspected she had another boyfriend.

Pritesh Patel, 30, has been arrested in connection with the death of Jyoti Surjeet Singh, the Daily Mail reported. Jyoti was a bar dancer and part-time model from Mumbai.

The murder is believed to have occurred at Patel's farm in a local village. Patel is alleged to have been in a relationship with Jyoti after meeting her at the dance bar in which she works.

Patel, who is married, celebrated his birthday with Jyoti on Dec. 27. Police said they then traveled to Mumbai on Dec. 28 to celebrate the New Year. They returned on Jan. 1.

On Jan. 2, Jyoti traveled to Patel's farm with her driver, Sandeep Singh, and his wife. While at the farm, Patel allegedly got into a heated jealous argument with Jyoti.

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According to local media, the argument escalated and Patel chopped Jyoti's head off with a sickle and fled the scene. Sandeep and his wife also fled the scene, fearing that Patel would come back and attack them. They reported the crime to police.

Patel told authorities he had spent a lot of money on Jyoti. The suspect also said he thought Jyoti was having a relationship with another man.

Patel's relationship with his wife became strained during his affair with Jyoti. They have since been divorced, The Times of India reported.

It is not clear at this time what charges have been filed against Patel or if he has confessed to killing Jyoti.

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Several social media users were disgusted with Patel's actions, and pointed out his hypocrisy.

"What a vile sick individual and the hypocrisy of him being the one who was actually cheating on his wife," wrote one user.

"He cheats on his wife and throws accusations at his mistress!!" added another. "Have you never heard of the saying, you can't have your cake and eat it!! Rip"

"Sadly I have seen many men who cheat [and then] accuse their wife ... of the same thing. Often they do this to throw the woman off the scent and to get her stressed and not looking at his [behavior]," another user explained. "Sadly it works [too] often. Men are childish, want it both ways but women are not to have any rights at all."

"He thought his mistress was having an affair? He was having an affair with her," wrote another. "Some people cannot get over their own egos and sometimes tragedy ensues."

Sources: Daily Mail, The Times of India / Featured Image: Thamizhpparithi Maari/Wikimedia Commons / Embedded Images: CEN and CEN/Facebook via Daily Mail

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