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'Offensive' Star Trek-Themed License Plate Revoked (Photo)

The owner of a Star Trek-themed license plate that referenced the villains of a plot developed by the popular sci-fi series saw his license plate controversially revoked by the authority that issued it. 

For two years, Nick Troller drove around with his "ASIMIL8" custom-ordered plate before being informed he could no longer use it. 

The term "ASIMIL8" is a direct reference to the Borgs -- the villains of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" -- who seek to assimilate other alien species into their own, Daily Mail reports.  

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The plate also bears the phrases "We are the Borg," and "Resistance is Futile" in bold green letters.  

Troller has argued that the plate obviously refers to the "Star Trek" plot, and is harmless. 

But Manitoba Public Insurance made the decision to revoke Troller's plate in response to several complaints from the public. 

"I'm very disappointed that they're going to take my plate away from me. I struggled to figure it out and, I don't know, it's not very good. I'm upset and hurt," Troller commented, Toronto Star reports. 

"They said that it was hurting other people and I didn't understand why because looking at the plate, and being a fan of the TV show Star Trek, I don't see anything there that would hurt anybody. If you were a fan you would understand it," said Troller, CBC reports. 

Troller's critics call the plates insensitive in light of Canada's history of attempting to assimilate its indigenous people. 

A representative for the insurance firm explained that it reserves the right to recall personalized plates if the message is deemed offensive, or else contains sexual innuendo, political and/or racial references or even drug-linked/alcohol themes. 

Although Troller said he could understand why some people would be offended by the plate, he maintains the plate is a simple clear reference to his favorite show. 

"You're taking the whole thing out of context and if you're looking at the plate itself you can see the context that it's in, and that's not anything to do with anything but that. And that makes it a little frustrating," said Troller.   

He was also upset he could not make a case before the insurance agency went ahead and revoked the plate. 

"They had two complaints and ... that's it, I lost it. Anybody who has a plate that is questionable, if somebody complains, you lose it," said Troller who was given a May 1 deadline to hand the plates over.

Sources: Daily Mail, Toronto Star, CBC / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons, CTV via Daily Mail

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