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Man Who Survives Fall From 7-Story Tower Is Stoned to Death By ISIS

Graphic images surfacing online, reportedly released by Live Leak, show a blindfolded man sitting on a white plastic chair being pushed off the top of a building by masked ISIS militants. Photos show the victim in midair falling from the tower, as reported by the Daily Mail.

The man is accused of engaging in homosexual activities. According to the Daily Mail, the man survived the fall from the 7-story building only to be stoned to death by militants waiting on the ground.

A photo shows the man’s battered body lying on the ground, surrounded by rocks, with a circle of people gathered around him. It is believed the man was killed.

These latest photos come just days after it was reported that a woman who was thought to be dead after being stoned by ISIS, stood up and attempted to run away. This woman’s life was spared when an Islamist jurist intervened, just as the woman was about to be shot to death, and declared the woman should be let go. "Her sentence is done, let her go and repent to her God," the jurist told the gunman, according to the Daily Mail.

Just weeks ago, photos surfacing online show two men, accused of participating in homosexual activities, also being pushed off a tall building to their deaths.

It is reported that executions by ISIS are carried out after a trial. The accused is sentenced and then taken to a public execution in a town where men and young boys are encouraged to watch and participate, according to the Daily Mail. Usually charges are read aloud before the punishment begins.

Men are most commonly executed for being gay and women are frequently executed by stoning when accused of adultery.

Stoning is a painful and horrific form of punishment. Hefty, large rocks are thrown at or piled on top of a person, according to the Daily Mail.

Sources: Daily Mail

Photo: Pixabay


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