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Jordanian Man Sentenced To Death In Murder, Rape Of Boy

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Nidal Eisa Abdullah of Jordan faces execution in Dubai for the murder and rape of 8-year-old Obaida Sedqi on May 20, 2016. Obaida was kidnapped from his father's auto repair shop and Abdullah later raped and then killed him.

Abdullah, 49, will be executed by firing squad for the crime. Abdullah admitted his role in the murder and rape of Obaida, but denies taking part in the kidnapping, according to Al-Monitor. He was also required to pay $5,700 compensation to Obaida's family when he was convicted.

Abdullah appealed to Dubai's highest court to have the death penalty repealed, but was denied according to Gulf News. The Cassation Court presiding judge, Abdul Aziz Abdullah Al Zarouni, along with his four bench judges, denied Abdullah's request for reduction of the death penalty and a fresh trial.

Court proceedings show the defense attempted to prove Abdullah was mentally unstable and therefore unfit for the death penalty, according to Gulf News.

"I am defending the law and not the crime," Abdullah's lawyer told Gulf News. "I am complementing the court’s role in ensuring that the law enforcement procedures are carried out properly. The appellate court should have approved our demand to have the defendant be re-examined."

Court records say Abdullah lured the boy into his car in Sharjah by offering to buy him a scooter and then he drove the boy to Dubai. Abdullah then moved Obaida to the back seat and raped him. He assaulted Obaida and then strangled him when the boy tried to defend himself.

During one of the initial hearings, Abdullah told the court that he had mental problems.

"I was not conscious or awake and do not remember what happened that day," he said.

"The defense team had asked the Appeal Court to resend Abdullah for a second psychiatric evaluation to decide whether he suffers from a certain mental illness that makes him temporarily irresponsible for his actions and behaviors," said Abdullah's lawyer according to Gulf News.

The court's decision to uphold the death penalty for Abdullah is irreversible. The sentence will go to Dubai's Rulers Office for final approval.

Sources: Gulf News, Al-Monitor / Photo credit: Sedqi family via Gulf News

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