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Recent Muslim Convert Goes On Stabbing Spree

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Two sisters in Australia were stabbed to death outside of a supermarket by one of the sisters’ husband.

The incident happened in broad daylight outside of a shopping center in Kapfenberg, Australia, The Local reported. Around 2 p.m. local time on April 4, the man attached his estranged wife and her sister and stabbed both multiple times with a folding knife. 

The sisters suffered stab wounds and died at the scene. A bystander who attempted to intervene and save the women was injured in the incident. 

The man reportedly fled from the scene of the stabbing, but was later arrested nearby at a service station where he disposed of the knife.

Police said the man attacked the women because his relationship with his wife recently deteriorated and the two were living separately. 

“There was a man in a red t-shirt, who completely flipped out and then ran off with bloody hands,” one eyewitness said. 

An acquaintance of the suspect said the man, who was recently unemployed, converted to Islam two years prior to the attack. On the morning of the stabbing, he announced that his friends would “all hear from” him again that day. 

Police have not ruled out the possibility that the man was on drugs or suffering a psychotic breakdown.

In a similar incident, a Huntington Beach, California, teenager was stabbed multiple times while walking home with his brother-in-law. The young man said he believes he was targeted because he and his brother-in-law were speaking Arabic. 

“Was it like a racial issue?," 17-year-old Karam Jarrah told KABC. "Is it because we were speaking Arabic or it can be like just the way we look."

One of the suspects in the stabbing was reportedly a 28-year-old Illinois police officer. The officer, Arthur Roman was arrested along with his brother, 25-year-old Martin Roman, and his wife, Jessica. All three were charged with felony assault with a deadly weapon. 

Sources: The Local, KABC / Photo credit: KZ video screen grab via The Local

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