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Man Survives Being Stabbed 10 Times (Video)

Steven Trowsdale was stabbed ten times in the east side of London Oct. 28. The brutal and bizarre attack was caught on a city surveillance camera (video below).

Detective Constable Roxanne Dawe asked for the public's help in identifying the knife-wielding thug, notes Metro News:

This was an incredibly violent attack on a married father-of-two who was just walking home after a night out as he did every Friday. He had not had an argument or a dispute with anyone that night and we can find no motive at all for what happened. Nothing was stolen from him. An innocent man very nearly lost his life and this incident is being treated as attempted murder, so if you know anything at all, please contact us.

After the unprovoked attack, the 50-year-old victim was able to stagger to the front door of his home where his wife discovered him.

Trowsdale suffered a punctured lung and wounds to his liver, bowel and stomach. He had injuries to his chest, and was in a coma for two days.

The suspect is described as 20-30 years old, and wearing light pants and a dark hoodie.

Trowsdale recalled the harrowing event, which happened only 20 yards from his home, to The Sun:

He left me for dead. You could tell he's done this before and next time he could kill someone, maybe he has already killed someone. It has made me wary of going out and I haven't left the house since. I had been to Barking United Services Club a few minutes down the road and go there every Friday.

I remember coming out of the club and I was walking down the street and I noticed somebody getting out of a car, I think it was a Renault Laguna, on my left hand side. I entered my road and I remember turning round and that was when I saw him. 

I [realized] after a couple of blows he was actually stabbing me. He threw me on the floor and I had a cut on the back of my head. Everything else was a blur, I don't remember him running off but I remember getting up and I thought to myself I need to walk in the middle of the road because if I collapse nobody will be able to see me. I stumbled over to my front door and rang the door bell and then I fell over.

Sources: Metro News, The Sun / Photo credit: Metropolitan Police via YouTube

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