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Man Is Stabbed, Removes Knife, Stabs Attacker (Video)

Yonatan Azarihab, an Israeli man, was stabbed multiple times by a Palestinian man in Petah Tikva, Israel, on March 8 (video below).

According to police, Azarihab was somehow able to remove the attacker's knife from his neck. He then used the knife to stab his attacker with the help of a store owner, notes The Times of Israel.

Azarihab suffered multiple stab wounds, but his attacker died.

Azarihab was hospitalized for the injuries to his upper body. The store owner was not injured

The attacker followed Azarihab, an ultra-Orthodox Jew, while he collected money for a charity. After Azarihab walked into a wine store, his attacker stabbed him in a “frenzied attack,” according to police.

Azarihab ran out of the wine store, and the store owner hit the attacker, police said. Azarihab soon returned to the store, removed the knife from his body and plunged it into the attacker.

While early reports said the incident was some kind of an altercation, the police deemed it to be a terror attack.

“Together with other volunteers of the Ambucycle Unit of United Hatzalah we treated the victim utilizing first aid treatment, following which he was taken to Beilinson Hospital in an ambulance," Nati Ostri, a volunteer medic, said. "At the time of transfer the victim was conscious."

There was more violence in Tel Aviv, Israel, on March 8. An unidentified Palestinian stabbed an American tourist, Taylor Allen Force, to death, and wounded at least nine other people, reports Reuters.

"A terrorist, an illegal resident who came from somewhere in the Palestinian territories, came here to Jaffa and embarked on a run ... along the boardwalk," Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai told Army Radio. "On his way he indiscriminately stabbed people."

Huldai said a police officer fatally shot the attacker.

The U.S. State Department said in a statement: "As we have said many times, there is absolutely no justification for terrorism. We continue to encourage all parties to take affirmative steps to reduce tensions and restore calm."

Sources: The Times of Israel, Reuters / Photo credit: The Times of Israel/YouTube

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