Man Speeds Through City In Electric Wheelchair (Video)


An unidentified man was recently filmed speeding on a busy street in Barcelona, Spain, with his electric wheelchair (video below).

The disabled man was filmed weaving in and out of traffic, going from the bus lane into regular traffic by an unidentified motorcycle passenger, reports RT.

The video of the wheelchair-bound man has gone viral and caught the attention of local police.

"We are aware of this incident but unfortunately there were no police officers or traffic police there at the time to tell the person to slow down," a police spokesman told The Local.

"It is definitely illegal to ride a wheelchair in such a dangerous way, putting the safety of other road users, as well as yourself, at risk," the spokesman said.

Spain's traffic laws say motorized disability scooters are supposed to drive on the sidewalk, but can use the hard shoulder if there is no sidewalk available. If there is no hard shoulder, then electric wheelchairs can use the street.

Police have not been able to do anything about the wild wheelchair driver because there is no license plate, according to The Guardian. A police spokesman said it might be some kind of PR stunt:

We’ve only seen the video on YouTube. We didn’t see it as it happened and so we haven’t been able to do anything. The man in the wheelchair remains unidentified as it’s hard to identify someone in a wheelchair in a video. It isn’t like a car where you have a number plate.

It wouldn’t be the first time. Sometimes these weird videos go viral and then it turns out that they’re part of an advertising campaign. You never know.

The video is very odd, but from a policing point of view, if no damage was done and it was something "invisible," then there’s not much we can do. The world does sometimes go mad.

Sources: RTThe Local, The Guardian / Photo credit: Barcelona Secreta/Facebookvia YouTube

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